1. Suitable for cabinets, wardrobes, wine cabinets, and mirrors. Photosensitive induction plus infrared human body induction.

2. Polymer battery power supply, can also be powered by dry battery in special environment, the human body senses a straight line distance of 2-3M, in the low light place, people come to light after 10-15 seconds


Power: 0.6W

Switching mode: infrared human body induction and active switch

Charging mode: 5V 1A

Battery: 450mA

Material: PC

color: White

Light: 3000K/4000K/6000K

Packing: neutral white card

Installation method: magnetic or hanging hole

Product size: ¢93*H27mm

Packing size: 120*100*30mm

Outer box size: 51*49*17CM

One box of 100 packs

Accessories: iron piece + 3M glue + manual + charging line