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Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt Pocket POLO RALPH LAUREN

Polo Ralph Lauren

American casual brand that Ralph Lauren founded in 1967, POLO RALPH LAUREN (Poro Ralph Lauren) Standard fashion brand that offers all American style iconic.

Simple pocketed T-shirt made of cotton.

Please be sure to read before purchasing Before using the product, please be sure to check the Cautions on handling and Washing indication described on the tag etc. If you get wet with sweat or water, the shape and size may change, so wipe off as much moisture as possible with a dry cloth, etc., and adjust the shape and shade.

It becomes size measured by maker size or actually. As errors may occur due to individual differences among products, manufacturing methods, materials, etc., please consider the notation as a guide.

(711000000000 <*> RLL010T408-C01) (711000000000 <*> RLL010T408-C05)

(711000000000 <*> RLL010T408-C10) (711000000000 <*> RLL010T408-C40) Price may fluctuate during the period depending on other campaigns. Sale may be ended without notice.

SMALL 664 7.5 511 9.5 MEDIUM 704 8.5 531.

PROD번호 : 100044516

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