02 Intro

12 Publisher’s Note

Some fragrant moments with Diptyque captured on Instagram

18 Survey
Lifestyle brand preference survey, with a focus on fragrances

20 Markets
Perfume market brand positioning analysis

Scented candles
Scented candle market brand positioning analysis

24 Opinions
Myrto Dimoula, a lover of scented products

28 Shops
Diptyque seen through the lens of concept stores that carry the brand

34 Inner Space
Diptyque’s product lineup from scented candles to skin care products

Diptyque’s individuality revealed in its interpretations of candle fragrances

Design Language
Perfume brand vision as revealed in bottle and label design

40 Opinions
Kitae Kang, CEO of Maison des Bougies, a scented candle brand

44 Recollections
The special memories and objects recalled in Diptyque fragrances

60 Opinions
Stephane Jaulin, former beauty section director at the select shop Colette

64 Influences
Niche Startups
Boutique fragrance brands create new possibilities

68 Lifestyle
Scent Layering
Scent layering reveals the user’s individuality in diverse ways

76 B’s Cut
Capturing of Memories
Photo essay by photographer Marion Berrin

90 Brand Story
From the foundation by three artists as a small fabric boutique to becoming an iconic global fragrance brand

98 Behind the Design
Diptyque’s design language looked through six elements

100 Episodes
Some of the stories behind the development of Diptyque’s representative materials and products

102 Celebrity Notes
Celebrity comments on Diptyque

104 34th Blvd. Saint-Germain
A visit to Diptyque’s flagship store

106 Interviews
Fabienne Mauny, Managing Director
Myriam Badault, Marketing & Product Creation Director

110 Figures
The global scented product market and brand positioning

112 Facts
Interesting Diptyque facts

114 From the Editor in Chief
Diptyque’s core values

116 Outro

■ About the Publication

Magazine B is an ad-free monthly publication that dedicates each issue to one well-balanced brand unearthed from around the globe. The magazine introduces the brand’s hidden stories, as well as its sensibility and culture, and is an easy but also serious read for anyone with an interest in brands.

■ About the Publisher

JOH & Company is a creative company founded in April 2011 by Suyong Joh, former Director of Creative Marketing & Design at NHN. He oversaw and directed the construction of NHN Green Factory, which is the headquarters of NHN, the company that has earned domestic and international reputation as “Google of Korea.” He also created a sensation in the publishing world when he compiled the construction process in a publication, Green Factory. Currently, he leads JOH & Company, a group of creative directors that he has brought together from various fields, and he is conducting complex projects encompassing architectural design, brand consultation, interior, food & beverage service, and product design, based on his own experience. The first fruit of such endeavor is magazine B.

■ About the Issue

The 31st issue of B introduces Diptyque, a French fragrance brand. Diptyque was founded in 1961 by three artists?Yves Coueslant, Desmond Knox-Leet, and Christiane Gautrot. Both its fragrances and its designs are original and evocative, making Diptyque one of the most recognizable brands straddling the niche and luxury markets. Perfume and scented candles are not necessities for survival. Perhaps if we discover why we love perfume brands like Diptyque, we’ll also gain some insight into the reasons why we live.